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Iliana Hawke
Level 20 Rogue/Assassin (sarcastic/charming)

Act I
Brother, Carver, died at Lothering
Let Aveline decide Wesley's fate
Worked for Athenril, the smuggler
Had Anders kill Karl
Defended a werewolf against the Dalish
Consistently racist against templars
Helped Keran retain his position in the templars while vocally supporting mages
Encouraged Feynriel to do as he wanted and go to the Dalish
 Kept Thrask's secret about his mage daughter, Olivia
 Gave the Bone Pit workers a raise
 Repeatedly butted heads with Fenris on the issue of mage rights
 Gave Pryce the means to start his life over and lied to Athenril on his behalf
 Killed Kelder, the Magistrate's son
 Convinced Sir Thrask and the templars that the escaped mages were killed
 Brought Bethany and Anders on the Deep Roads Expedition
 Refused to deal with the demon in exchange for the key
 Sent Bethany to join the Grey Wardens

Act II
 Killed Gascard DuPuis
 Slept with Isabela, and questioned her stance on love
 Convinced the Templars to leave Feynriel with the Dalish
 Allowed Javaris to live
 Convinced Sabin to pay Hubert back
 Reluctantly gave Merrill the Arulin'Holm
 Saved Ella from Justice and told her to go somewhere safe
 Reassured Anders with evidence that the Tranquil Solution would not be put into effect
 Flirted shamelessly with Anders until he broke and kissed her
 Denied his amorous advances on account of being in love with Isabela, despite her attitude
 Had Anders heal Varric's brother, Bartrand, and spared his life
 Betrayed by Fenris and Isabela in the Fade, but forgave them both 
Saved Feynriel
⇁ Let Fenris decide to kill Hadriana, but reprimanded him for going overboard
⇁ Hired Orana to be a paid servant
⇁ Saved Iwan and lied to say that Merin died with honor
⇁ Fought the Templars over killing Qunari
⇁ Encouraged the Viscount to be honest with the Arishok about the Qunari deaths
⇁ Told Merrill she was like a sister to her
⇁ Dismissed Varric's concerns about Isabela breaking her heart someday
⇁ Promised the Tome of Koslun to Isabela
⇁ Lied to the Arishok about where the Tome was
⇁ Entreated the Arishok to leave the city
⇁ Insisted on leading the charge against the Keep 
⇁ Opted for Orsino to cause a distraction 
⇁ Refused to duel the Arishok, but fought to keep Isabela with the group

⇁ Sided with Orsino against the Knight Commander
⇁ Allowed Isabela to exchange the incriminating documents for Castillon's ship
⇁ Promised to join Isabela's crew and sail off with her some day
⇁ Fought Danarius with Fenris
⇁ Convinced Fenris not to kill his sister
⇁ Didn't choose to turn Zevran over to Nuncio
⇁ Had a threesome with Zevran and Isabela
⇁ Reluctantly agreed to help Anders with his plan, but was pretty angry that he lied to her
⇁ Lied to the Knight Commander about Emile's fate
⇁ Urged Varric to get rid of the shard
⇁ Refused to agree to help Merrill summon a demon and then ?? maybe have to kill her????
⇁ Asked the Keeper to talk sense into Merrill
⇁ Had Merrill stab the Keeper after she claimed the fight was over
⇁ Told Merrill that she should have listened and that the Keeper loved her
⇁ Fought and slaughtered the entire Dalish village when they came for Merrill
⇁ Reassured Merrill that their deaths weren't her fault and told her to do what she wants with her life now
⇁ Let Aveline deal with Jeven her way
⇁ Told Samson she wanted to help the mages
⇁ Told Cullen not to hurt Alayn
⇁ Encouraged Meredith to reinstate Samson
⇁ Called Anders a murderer for what he'd done
⇁ Got all her party members to fight with her, albeit reluctantly on Fenris' behalf
⇁ Asked Anders to stay and help clean up the mess he made
⇁ Welcomed Bethany's help
⇁ Won the game with Isabela, Aveline, and Bethany, super girl power squad

Legacy DLC
⇁ Took Bethany along to deal with the Carta dwarves
⇁ Gave offerings to the old gods
⇁ Found their father's will
⇁ Sided with Larius

Assassin DLC
⇁ Spared the baron's life at Tallis' request
⇁ Didn't judge Tallis for lying
⇁ Agreed to help Tallis escape
⇁ Took the sneaky approach
⇁ Gave the Dagger of the Four Winds to Isabela
⇁ Flirted with Tallis

Friendship ⥦ Rivalry (in order of approval)

Isabela ♥